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Distributing your content through Quiver is easy. We offer flat fee distribution services to get your content where it needs to go. What this means is that you keep every dollar that is generated from platforms.

Currently Quiver is a preferred content supplier to the following retailers:

Put your content in front of over 100 million subscribers. Quiver can also license content to the following Cable VOD platforms:

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Coming Soon

You may have heard about us announcing a partnership with the Sundance Artist Services team at the 2015 festival.

Currently we’re hard at work polishing up the platform for launch with the #artistservices team. Not to worry, we’re still hard at work and will be back with more information soon!


Why Quiver?



With our flat fee servicing we give back all 100% of your revenue straight to you. To date Quiver has disbursed more than $14 million to filmmakers


Easy to use

Our Quiver platform gives you step by step instructions on how to prep materials, collect deliverables, show how your content will be displayed, and show what you earn



We give you access to your financials 24/7 with our online financial dashboard

With Quiver, you can keep every dollar

  • Your share
  • Competitor

How it Works

Your Quiver

Store your film’s assets in “Your Quiver” free of charge, and send it through any of our services you may require. Or just leave it in there for safekeeping, and access it whenever you need!


How’s it look? We will provide a 100% human QC for your film, with a detailed report on your content provided upon completion. On top of that, we will repair an array of issues that may hinder any future distribution for your title.


Have everything? We can digitally package your assets to the exact specifications of numerous platforms. Ready for delivery!


Closed Captioning? 5.1 audio? Poster art? We conform ancillary assets for your title, creating a full assortment of materials for your content needs.


Need a format change? We can transcode your content to match any specification needed, so no matter the destination, it will hit its mark.


Going somewhere? With Quiver, we can send your content where it needs to go, fast. Choose from one of our packages, or provide your own contract to get your titles to your preferred platforms around the world.

Past Projects

We’re trusted by filmmakers to get their content to where it needs to go.  Notable films are: