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Quiver is Preferred by iTunes

Quiver is the Independent Distribution Division of Premiere Digital. Quiver can deliver your film to iTunes for sale or rental to audiences around the world. Quiver is a preferred aggregator for iTunes due to our long track record of high-quality, on-time delivery of movies to the iTunes platform.

Distribute Your Film to iTunes with Quiver

Quiver is the easy and affordable way to distribute your film around the globe on the iTunes store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to launch my movie on iTunes?

Generally, Quiver will deliver your film to iTunes within 30 days of receiving all of your final assets and metadata.  To make sure your film is delivered in time, we ask for all materials to be delivered to us 60 days before your desired iTunes pre-order or live date.  If all assets and data are submitted on-time, Quiver will deliver your film 30 days prior to your pre-order or live date.

How much does it cost to get my film on iTunes?

Quiver’s basic package for delivery of an English language title to 57 territories via iTunes is $1,395.  This fee covers the cost of delivery to iTunes and processing all of your payments for 2 years.  After 2 years there is a $75 annual renewal fee for Quiver to continue to store all of your assets and process and remit payments.  We don’t take any of the revenue you earn from the sale or rental of your film.  We charge a single flat rate so you can keep 100% of the revenue you make from iTunes.

What are my splits with iTunes?

70/30 for Digital Downloads
You keep 70% of the retail price of your film for all Electronic Sell Through (EST) sales on iTunes.   30% of the retail price is retained by iTunes.  For example, if your film was priced at $9.99 for purchase, you would early $7.00 for each sale on iTunes.

60/40 for VOD Rentals
For VOD rentals on iTunes, you keep 60% of the rental price paid by customers.  40% of the rental price is retained by iTunes.  If your film rental was priced at $4.99, you would earn $3.00 for each rental on iTunes.

What asset specifications are required?

Apple ProRes 422HQ, Uncompressed QuickTime
Tape: HD CAM, HDCAM SR, Digital Betacam, D5
Closed Captioning: CAP, SCC, TXT, ITT
Subtitles: STL, SRT, TXT, ITT, LambdaCap (Japanese-Only)
Artwork: 2000×3000 pixels RGB: 72+ DPI

How can I track my sales?

Quiver’s financial dashboard provides data on all of your iTunes sales and rentals. Keep track of units sold by day, week or month as well as the status of your royalty payments.

How and when will I get paid?

Quiver will pay you any revenue we receive on your behalf within 30 days of receiving the funds from iTunes.

If you are using Apple’s new      Compressor iTunes Packager, we’re really excited to have you!

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