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VOD Distribution for Everyone

Quiver helps filmmakers distribute to worldwide audiences via video on demand retailers like iTunes, Google Play, and Netflix. We manage all of the technical requirements, allowing you to focus on marketing your film and building a relationship with your audience.  We can accept films in all languages from any country.
Quiver allows filmmakers to choose distribution retailers, choose their territories, set a launch date, then submit their order. With Quiver, filmmakers are in complete control of their distribution strategy.  Plus, Quiver charges one low flat fee allowing filmmakers keep 100% of their revenue. Quiver’s parent company, Premiere Digital, is one of the largest digital servicing companies in the world.  So when you distribute your film through Quiver, you’re working with an industry leader. 

Quiver Explained

Quiver is the Independent Distribution branch of Premiere Digital.

Premiere Digital is one of the largest digital media, solutions and content servicing companies in the world, with 100 employees located between our Los Angeles Headquarters and facility in Bangalore, India. Premiere works with every major studio and 100’s of independent distributors (located worldwide), providing solutions and servicing their content to 100’s of digital retailers and broadcasters across the globe. Not only that, Premiere is a Preferred encoding house and aggregator for iTunes and Google Play, and a preferred aggregator for Microsoft.

So what does that mean to you, the Quiver client? Quite a lot actually …

You get the Expertise, Experience, Scale, Technical Chops and Support capable of dealing with the largest content owners / creators in the world. Independent filmmakers get access to our expertise for a very cost effective price with easy to use process and tools designed just for Filmmakers.

Quiver's Story: A Message From Our Founder

It starts with the filmmaker. With an idea for a story that needs to be told. This is the source of all value in the entertainment industry.

So, why are they often the ones seeing the smallest reward?

I first witnessed this while working at iTunes. Individual filmmakers would call me to beg for help. Their movie had been in the top 50 for six months, and they had never received a dime, was there anything I could do? I would learn that their deal with an aggregator or sales agent took 10-50% of revenue and had a clause to cover “expenses” of anywhere from $10,000 – $75,000. Even if those criteria were met, it seemed like filmmakers still weren’t getting paid.

I felt powerless.

Until I realized that it didn’t have to be this way. I could change it. I quit Apple and set myself on the goal of turning indie film distribution on its head.

Quiver has been operating quietly and largely in secret for the last six years. We’ve built up a client list of hundreds of filmmakers, thousands of titles, and have paid out millions of dollars… all through word of mouth. We’ve worked with major celebrities and total unknowns. We’ve been the engine behind many of our competitors. And now we’re ready to come out of the shadows. We want everyone to know that there is another option. There are better tools, faster paths, and honest answers. You don’t have to give up a part of your dream to make it possible for people to see it. Don’t. Don’t sell your years of hard work for a small up front payment and a vague promise that will most likely result in nothing. You made your movie. You had the vision. You should be the one to see it through to the end. You should keep as much of the reward as possible. That’s why I started Quiver.

Sign up and in less than ten minutes we’ll show you what’s possible and how different it can be. Get started and get your movie out there.

–Erik Anderson, Founder of Quiver and Premiere Digital

Quiver Key Statistics

Quiver has licensing agreements with VOD retailers that reach nearly every worldwide territory. We don’t take any royalties, so all of the revenue earned by our clients goes directly to the filmmakers and producers of each film.
$0 Million
in Royalties Paid to Our Clients
VOD Distribution Retailers